Rick Randall Takes Third Straight Jeepspeed Win At Vegas To Reno 
(Reno, NV)

Race four of the General Tire Jeepspeed Series presented by KMC Wheels and Premier Chrysler-Jeep was the Best In The Desert series, Vegas to Reno race. It’s always a huge challenge. The race mileage traversed through Northern Nevada is over 540. Rain squalls the week before the race made it rougher than ever but had no effect on the deep silt beds that trapped everyone at least once. The unlimited cars and trucks create big holes, ruts and deep powdery silt on the course. Jeepspeed racers start later in the day. With 33 inch tires and (READ MORE)

Jeepspeed Racers Prove, It’s Not Over Until It’s Over At Silver State 300
(Alamo, NV)

If there is one thing that characterizes the level of competition in the General Tire Jeepspeed Desert Race Series presented by KMC Wheels and Premier Chrysler-Jeep, it’s the famous Yogi Berra saying, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. Like the Best In The Desert Silver State 300 course that climbs and drops over mountains and through valleys, Jeepspeed racers swapped the lead back and forth throughout the race. It’s amazing that a racing series that draws such a diverse field of vehicles can produce such parity and (READ MORE)

Jeepspeed Racers Randall And Gambrell In Top 5 Overall In Morning Race At Vicious Mint 400
(Las Vegas, NV)

If the terrain at the Polaris RZR Mint 400 presented by General Tire was not bad enough, conditions on race day would have racers driving blind on a course that was covered in thick, hanging dust. Those who drove smartly were rewarded in the end. Some suffered bad luck regardless of their strategy. The attrition rate was high. 18 Jeepspeed Challenge class 1700 trucks started, 12 finished. In Jeepspeed Cup, 6 trucks... (READ MORE)

Parker 425 Extreme for Jeepspeed Racers
(Parker, AZ)
The definition of extreme reads: highest in intensity or degree. The General Tire Jeepspeed racing series saw some drastic extremes during the season opening Best in the Desert Parker 425 in Parker, Arizona. Probably the most extreme was the condition of the course. On the first lap, it was fairly typical for Parker; deep sand, big rocks and miles of whoops. As the laps clicked off, the course got much worse. The unlimited cars and trucks....

General Tire Jeepspeed Series Celebrates 2014 As 2015 Season Nears
(Orange, CA)
With the 2014 General Tire Jeepspeed racing champions decided, it was time for the teams to get together for their annual awards ceremony at Moreno's Restaurant, in Orange, California. Just l  ike the diverse Jeep and Dodge vehicles that race in the Jeepspeed series, the teams come from all different backgrounds and locations. Interestingly, both the 2014 Jeepspeed Challenge and Jeepspeed Cup Champions that were honored are named Rob, hail from Portland, Oregon and earned rookie of the year awards. Rob Seubert took (READ MORE)

Strategies Put To Test At Thrilling Jeepspeed Season Ender
(Henderson, NV) 
The final race of the 2014 Jeepspeed season posed a dilemma for nearly everyone in the race. Go all out for a win or try to be smart and protect your championship points. Both strategies played out during the Best In The Desert Henderson 250. The course was very fast which made it tough for those who tried to maintain a conservative pace. Some, who desperately needed points, took their fate into their own hands and pushed hard for the win. The result was a thrilling race that had championship...  (READ MORE)

General Tire Continues as Official Tire of Jeepspeed!

(Fort Mill, SC – December 3, 2014)
General Tire and Jeepspeed announced today that General Tire has agreed to a multi-year sponsorship to continue as the official tire of the Jeepspeed Desert Race Series beginning January 2015. Since 2008, General Tire has been the official tire of Jeepspeed with teams utilizing the famed GRABBER tire. The partnership has allowed Jeepspeed to offer its competitors affordable racing within the Best in the Desert (BITD) Series where budget-conscious racers can compete on the same race courses as the pros.

“We’re proud to extend our... (READ MORE)

Jeepspeeds Show At Expo And Shine At BlueWater Challenge
(Parker, AZ)
Judging by the constant flow of fans and interest of Jeepspeed vehicles on display in both General Tire booths at the Off-Road Expo in Pomona, Ca. the General Tire ATX Wheels Jeepspeed series looks stronger than ever. In 2015, it will offer even more action when the Jeepspeed Wrangler Trophy Series debuts. The Wrangler Trophy series will be run at three stops of the existing 2015 six race Jeepspeed series... (READ MORE)

2015 Class 3750 Announced!
Today the progression from Class 1700 to 3700 is a major leap probably needing construction of a completely new race vehicle. 
Jeepspeed is announcing an intermediate class in 2015 where a 1700 Jeep could be modified, or a new race vehicle constructed, with a more affordable budget. This intermediate class would address the inclusion of 116' wb four door Wranglers, lwb Comanche trucks, V8 engines in 1700 type Jeeps and modifying leaf sprung Jeeps to coils.

2015 intermediate class 3750 rules.
- Vehicles must conform to basic Class 3700 rules for vehicle models and dimensions.
- Wheel travel limited to 12 " and 14" rear.
- One shock per wheel. Max 3" dia. Bypass or (READ MORE)

Jeepspeed Invites Everyone to a New Exciting Series in 2015, The Wrangler Desert Trophy Series
(Orange, CA)
All Jeep Wrangler owners and aftermarket companies are invited to participate. Showcase your personal Jeep Wrangler, or your Jeep Wrangler products, in the real world of desert racing.

The 2015 Wrangler  Desert Trophy presented by Jeepspeed. Is an exciting three event Jeepspeed series sanctioned by Best in the Desert. All races will be recorded and televised. Sponsors or teams can purchase show segments... (READ MORE)

Jeepspeed Ironman Flies Under The Radar To Win Vegas To Reno
(Las Vegas, NV)
General Tire Jeepspeed racers set out to conquer the longest off road race in the United States; Best In The Desert’s Vegas to Reno, (V2R). Their strategies may have been unique but they all shared the same goal; make it to the finish. Not an easy task when you have to traverse 533 miles of nasty, desolate Northern Nevada terrain. Dust, silt beds that can swallow a truck whole and lots of sharp rocks uncovered from recent monsoon rains all stood between the Jeepspeed teams and the checkered flag. Many succumbed to the numerous hazards along the way. Eight Jeepspeed Challenge starters in Class 1700 and 3 Jeepspeed Cup teams took the green flag.  

When preliminary results were... (READ MORE)

A Relentless Pace For Jeepspeed Racer Skyler Gambrell Tops Hard Chargers At Silver State 300
(Alamo, NV)
The General Tire ATX Wheels Jeepspeed series took on one of the most popular race courses of the series at the Best in the Desert Silver State 300. A packed field of Jeepspeed Challenge (1700) and Jeepspeed Cup (3700) racers showed up to take on a course that has a bit of everything; twisty trails that cling to the side of mountains, long fast straight-a-ways, epic scenery and the rocks, ruts and deep silt that Northern Nevada is known for. From the valley floors to the high summits, Jeepspeed racers got a little taste of everything. The scenery is fantastic but this race was no vacation for anyone. (Read More)

Jeepspeed Racers Rob Seubert and Brandon Berge Beat The Odds At General Tire Mint 400
(Las Vegas, NV)
The General Tire ATX Wheels Jeepspeed series is known for tight, competitive racing. The odds of winning back to back races are long. Racers Rob Seubert and Brandon Berge didn’t play the odds, they went out and beat them along with 15 other Jeepspeed teams who gave their all to win the General Tire Mint 400 presented by Polaris. The racers would line up side by side on race day before doing two laps of the 90 plus mile course. A lack of precipitation had left the course very dry, loose and rocky. The Jeepspeeds would start in the darkness and race into the rising sun. The dust...

(Read More)

General Tire ATX Wheels Jeepspeed Series Season Opener is a Wild One at the Parker 425
(Parker, AZ)

The opening round of Jeepspeed racing in 2014 was rather wild. The General Tire ATX Series Wheels Jeepspeed series commenced at the Best in the Desert Blue Water Parker 425 in Parker, Arizona. The Parker course is a tough one; this year it was worse than it’s ever been by anyone’s account. The Jeepspeeds would do two laps of the approximately 140 mile long course. This first race of the year saw the return of many standouts that made a name for themselves last year along with newcomers like Ernest Henriquez, Rob Seubert, Megan McLeod and Robert White; 18 Jeeps in all.
(Read More)

Come join us at Moreno's Mexican Restaurant in celebrating the 2013 Jeepspeed Winners and Champions!
Moreno's Mexican Restaurant
4328 E. Chapman Ave. | Orange, CA 92869.
- Saturday, January 25th
- 6PM Bar Opens | 7PM Dinner | 8PM Awards
- Award Prize Money and trophies, door prizes and gifts.
- Thank our sponsors who are continuing to support Jeepspeed in the upcomimg 2014 season.
- Enjoy meeting fellow competitors and families in our famous party atmosphere in the Historic Moreno's Building
- Bring any video DVDs of your teams
- Exciting announcements for 2014
- Free Admission to each driver of record in 2013!

- $40 per person for friends and family
- $20 for children under 12 years
* Includes dinner and soft drinks

E-Mail numbers in your party to jeepspeedops@gmail.com

Jeepspeed Racers Settle the Score at Henderson 250
(Jean, NV)
Jeepspeed racers lined up for the final time in 2013 to find out who was fastest and to crown their champions. The field would be made up of those trying to hold on to the points lead they had accumulated, racers who were only points away from overtaking another spot and some with nothing to lose that could go all out for the win. It was a cat and mouse game. If they got caught, the racers had to make a quick determination; do I let the truck pass or fight it out?
(Read More)

Jeepspeed Series Takes a Sharp Turn at BlueWater Desert Challenge
(Parker, AZ)
The BITD, BlueWater Desert Challenge is a two-day shortcourse style race through the twisty washes and pounding sand of Parker, Arizona. At the previous race, Vegas to Reno, the competitor’s endurance was put to the test; in Parker it was a flat out sprint. Negotiating the technical course was made even harder by the chocking dust that blinded many drivers. Drivers pushed to their Jeeps to the limit trying to get out front in the clean air.
In addition to the cash bonuses provided by Rubicon ExpressSmittybilt and G2 Axle & Gear, 14 Jeepspeed Challenge....
(Read More)

Jeepspeed Racers Battle Each Other and the Course at BITD Vegas to Reno
(Las Vegas, NV)
General Tire ATX Wheels Jeepspeed Series took on the longest off road race in the United States, the Best in the Desert General Tire Vegas to Reno race, (V2R). V2R starts in Beatty, Nevada and travels north for 543 miles to the finish in Dayton, Nevada. The mere distances involved are daunting but Mother Nature conspired to make it even more difficult. Many times the rain is a blessing; it can help hold the ..... 

(Read More)

Jeepspeed Race Series Competition Heats Up!
After three out of six races in the 2013 General Tire Jeepspeed Race Series it’s still anyone’s championship to win. The level of competition has been intense; if you combine the results of both classes, Jeepspeed Challenge, (Class 1700) and Jeepspeed Cup, (Class 3700), five different winners have stood on the podium. When the General Tire Vegas to Reno race rolls around August 15-17, additional bonus points will be in the mix to really shake up the points battle..... 
(Read More)

Jeepspeed Goes Pedal to the Metal at Silver State 300
Alamo, NV
After the pounding everyone took at the brutally tough Mint 400, Jeepspeed racers headed north for the Best in the Desert Silver State 300. The Silver State race uses a point to point course through the hills and valleys of Northern Nevada. Held mostly on fast fire roads, there is hardly a whoop the entire way. It gave competitors a chance to open up their Jeepspeeds for some high speed running. When the course is rough and technical truck set-up and a driver’s ability to push the limits without breaking determine the winner. When the course is fast, everyone is fast. With higher speeds, any mistake is amplified. An excursion off course put you in rocks and trees or off a.... (Read More)     

Manufacturer Support Continues to Grow for Jeepspeed Series
General Tire and ATX Series Wheels are providing invaluable support to the Jeepspeed series and their racers. Their support of the series and the sponsorship of the Best in the Desert television broadcasts by General Tire are a huge asset to Jeepspeed and desert racing as a whole. The BITD TV shows expose the intensely competitive racing action in the Jeepspeed Challenge and Jeepspeed Cup to a worldwide audience.
Additional support in the form of cash payouts to racers has now come from Rubicon ExpressSmittybilt andG2 Axle & Gear. These cash bonuses are especially beneficial to the....
(Read More...)

Jeepspeed Racers Battle a Tough Course at The Mint 400
Jeepspeed racers lined up for another intense battle at The General Tire Mint 400, presented by Poloris outside Las Vegas, Nevada. The Mint 400 is legendary for the tough, rocky course they used to run north of Las Vegas that tortured racers for years. In 2011, the race was moved south of the city to the Jean area. Traditionalists were skeptical, even though it was run here several times before, that the race would lose some of the toughness it had in the past. This year’s race left no doubt in the racer’s minds that the south course could be just as tough. The course contained ...
(Read More...)

Baja Designs signs on as the Official Light of Jeepspeed!
San Marcos, CA (1/3/13) - Baja Designs, the Scientists of Lighting, are proud to be the official lighting sponsor of Jeepspeed 2013.  Since 2001 Jeepspeed has been providing the world with an amazing race class unlike any other.  

 Baja Designs could not be happier to be involved with the Jeepspeed class and provide all of its racers with the best lighting solutions possible.  Our new OnX LED light bar was introduced late this year and has begun to make a huge impact in off-road racing.  

"Racers can now have the distance of an HID with the smooth spread of an LED", say's owner and head engineer Alan Roach.  Jeepspeed racers and enthusiasts will have Baja Designs standing by them for support with the newest in LED technology as well as educational information on optimal lighting set-ups and aiming. 

Please feel free to contact BD if you are participating in the 2013 Jeepspeed class and would like more information on LED/HID lighting for your vehicle or you can order directly from the Jeepspeed store.

For additional information or questions please check out bajdesigns.com or call (800)422-5292. Get the latest Baja Designs updates on Facebook.

General Tire & Jeepspeed sign a new 3 year agreement!
After 3 successful years of sponsoring the Jeepspeed Challenge, General tire has signed a new 3 year contract with Jeepspeed. For 3 more years, commencing in Jan. 2013, Jeepspeed will sanction the General Tire Jeepspeed Challenge and the General Tire Jeepspeed Cup, both presented by ATX Series Wheels.

The General Tire Jeepspeed Challenge is a desert race championship for 6 cylinder Jeep SUVs with limited modifications and the General Tire Jeepspeed Cup is an open class for Jeep, Dodge, & Mopar SUVs/Trucks. Both General Tire and ATX Wheels manufacture and sell a wide range of wheels and tires specifically designed for Jeep owners that can withstand the rigors of offroad weekend warriors, expedition Jeepers, and off road racers.

The 2013 Best in the Desert Parker 425 on Feb. 2nd will be the 1st event of the BITD 6 race season. The championships will be decided by the best 5 results.

By working with our sponsors and BITD, Jeepspeed is able to offer off road racers the very best entry fee deal in our sport. There will be a set $700 etry fee per race no matter what the race mailes. With 80 registered teams there could be a possible 30 starters at each event!

2013 Jeepspeed entry fees subsidized by our sponsors
Best in the Desert six race series
  • Jeepspeed entry fee will be $700 per race
  • Jeepspeed will use Best in the Desert points scoring system.
  • Jeepspeed will adopt Best in the Desert "best  5 results "rule, but will not insist on all 6 starts. You choose how many races you want to do. 
A big "thank you" to our series sponsors General Tire and ATX Wheels. Our thanks to all Best in the Desert employees and volunteers for all they do for Jeepspeed. See you in Parker Feb 2013!

PAC Racing Expands Suspension Springs for Jeepspeed and Lifted Jeep Vehicles
PAC Racing Springs is proud to announce the introduction of a complete line of coil springs for the popular Jeep XJ, TJ, ZJ, WK, JK designation vehicles. Beginning in November the full product line will be available through key dealers.  These springs are designed to offer superior tune ability, application flexibility, and ride performance over generic lift springs currently available. Born and bred from our racing spring line-up these springs are manufactured to exceed the abuse of racing and everyday use and still offer cost savings over traditional lift kit springs. We have an extensive line-up available, but if you don't see your application or want something different, we are able to update and add them to our catalog or make you something custom. www.RacingSprings.com

2012 BITD Bluewater Challenge
Parker, AZ – (Oct 13-14, 2012) This 2 day sprint race brought out 15 Jeepspeed teams to let it all hang out in the 1700 and 3700 classes. Todd Jackson in the #1712 Grand Cherokee ran away with the win both days with #1721 George Mortis placing second, and the #1717 Cherokee of Eric Heiden taking third. It was an extremely fast paced race where any mistake or damage could quickly take you out. The Jeepspeed Allpar Outlaws was won by the turbocharged stroker Cherokee #3704 Bob Mamer with #3777 Brandon Berge pulling off an impressive 2nd, & Billy Bunch #3799 3rd. 
Last Race: BITD Henderson 250 Dec 1st in Henderson, NV

2012 BITD Vegas to Reno Report from Allpar.com
Las Vegas, NV – (Aug 17, 2012) Ahhh, back in the desert again. I am so thankful that most people traverse the desert without experiencing it. They experience the highway, plastic facades that cater their needs and discomfort when moving from one air-conditioned environment to another. When I go to the desert with a purpose for being there, my personality changes when my feet hit the dirt. That lasts until the starting flag drops, the timer counts to zero, or it is time to pack it up and head home. (Read More...)

2012 BITD Vegas to Reno
Las Vegas, NV – (Aug 17, 2012) The longest Off Road race in the United States brought out 16 Jeepspeed teams to test their skills and endurance in one of the roughest races of the year leaving only 7 finishers.
The limited Jeepspeed Challenge was won for the 2nd consecutive year by Mike Vernak in the #1760 Cherokee with #1724 Tom Richardson placing second and the #1788 Cherokee of newcommer Scott Sibbald taking third. It was an extremely rough race causing carnage throughout the field. The Jeepspeed Allpar Outlaws was won by #3722 Dan Simonson with Billy Bunch #3799 second, Brandon Berge's #3777 ZJ Grand Cherokee third, & #3736 Ted Holt taking 4th.
Next Race: BITD Bluewater Challenge Oct 12-14th in Parker, AZ
(Current Point Standings…)                 

Peak Empire Racing #3736 on Xtreme 4x4!
(July 9, 2012)
The race car gets all the glory, but the chase truck does the heavy lifting! Xtreme 4x4 focuses on the rig that hauls the racer to the starting line and provides the repair & recovery needed to cross the finish line. 

World's Biggest MOPAR Website Supports Jeepspeed!
Orange, CA – (June 26, 2012)
www.ALLPAR.com, the worlds biggest website for Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Mopar owners is comming on board as a sponsor of The Jeepspeed ALLPAR Outlaws. Initial sponsorship will be limited to publicizing Jeepspeed on Allpar.com and providing year end  Allpar Outlaws Trophy Cup. Later we hope to attract Allpar advertisers to contribute to our Outlaws prize fund. We are excited about this developing partnership that will expose Jeepspeed to Mopar owners across America.
We invite you to visit 
www.allpar.com to see the overwhelming source of Mopar news, technical information, motorsports news and more.

Randall Racing @ the 2012 Mint 400
Mesa, AZ – (June 26, 2012)
Ride along with Randall Racing from tech/contingency along Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas to race day in the historic Mint 400 race.

Jeepspeed - Get off the couch and race!
Castaic, CA – (June 13, 2012)
Ever wondered what it takes to get into Jeepspeed? #1717 Eric Heiden takes you through the basics to get off the couch and into racing.

Snow's Race Team #1719 - Their Story
Orange, CA – (June 6, 2012)
After losing their Jeepspeed to a fire in the 2012 Parker 425 race, the Snow family is pushing to make a comeback and return to racing. They just released a video describing the incident and are asking for help in making this return to racing a reality.

Coan Racing SS300 Race Report
Pomona, CA – (May 10, 2012)
The plan for the 2012 race season was for Coan racing to take a breather from racing while injuries heal, golf scores improve, and motivation increases.... well after completing a full prep on #1736 “Jabroni” an off handed comment was made regarding can’t sell a car unless you race a car, and us knowing that...

Jeepspeed featured in General Tire ad!
San Dimas, CA – (April 16, 2012)
Jeepspeed's Class 3700 Mopar Outlaws Darren Skilton & Class 1700 Jeepspeed Challenge Eric Helgeson took the win in each of their classes at the 2012 Mint 400 last month and are now featured in General Tire's new full page ad.

New Jeepspeed Apparel for 2012!
San Dimas, CA – (Mar 29, 2012)
A new season brings new apparel for 2012! Our new design features our series sponsors including General Tire, ATX Wheels, RDM Offroad, Currie, King, T&J Performance, & Sunoco. Available in short or long sleeve and shipping now!
Available in the Jeepspeed.com store or locally at RDM Offroad in San Dimas, CA.

2012 Mint 400
Las Vegas, NV – (Mar 24, 2012)The Great American Off Road Race brought out 22 Jeepspeed teams to test their skills and endurance in one of the roughest races of the year.

The limited Jeepspeed Challenge was won by the reigning champ Eric Helgeson in the #1708 Cherokee with #1760 Mike Vernak placing second and the #1712 Grand Cherokee of Todd Jackson taking third. It was an extremely rough race causing flats and carnage throughout the field. The Jeepspeed Mopar Outlaws Cup was won by #3707 Darren Skilton (Placing 2nd overall in the morning race) with Bob Mamer's XJ second, and Brandon Berge's ZJ Grand Cherokee third.
Next Race: BITD Silver State 300. May 5th in Las Vegas, NV

2012 Parker 425
Parker, AZ – (Feb 4, 2012)Jeepspeed had a fantastic start to the 2012 season with 23 starters and 18 finishers at this premier event. Our expanded rules provided a Jeep mixture of race cars all using General Tires and ATX wheels.

The limited Jeepspeed Challenge was won by Todd Jackson's WJ Grand Cherokee with two XJ Cherokees of Tom Thorvick and Eric Heiden placing second and third. It was an extremely tight race all day with just a few minutes separating the top 3 cars. The Jeepspeed Mopar Outlaws Cup was won by Billy Bunch's LJ Wrangler with Bob Mamer's XJ second, and Brandon Berge's ZJ Grand Cherokee third. Next Race: BITD Mint 400. March 24th Las Vegas, NV

2012 Jeepspeed Mopar Outlaws
Orange, CA – (Feb 1, 2012)Five years after forming The Jeepspeed Challenge in 2001 some of our competitors wanted to graduate to faster class, so we introduced The Jeepspeed Cup in 2006. Jeepspeed Challenge is a limited class for Jeeps with 6 cyl 4 liter engines. (60 teams registered) & Jeepspeed Cup was a more open Class for Jeeps with any Mopar power. (15 teams registered). In 2012 we are introducing Jeepspeed Mopar Outlaws with the following guidelines.
  • Must be reconizable as a Jeep or Dodge product.
  • Any choice of engine.
  • Basic simple rule 15" of front wheel travel  and 37" maximum tire diameter to keep similar performance potential..

(Class 3700 Rulebook…)

Jeepspeed Reduces The Cost Of Racing!
 Orange, CA – (Jan 1, 2012)Jeepspeed has partnered with Best in the Desert and our sponsors General Tire and ATX Series Wheels to reduce the cost of racing. Instead of sponsor money being channeled into prizes won by the sucessful few we are using funds to subsidize racing for everyone by getting the entry fees for our six race series with BITD down to $600 per event. Also our Championships will be decided by the best 4 results from the 6 race series. This again is to give low budget teams the same chance a high budget teams.  The response to this has been fantastic. We have 21 new teams registering to compete for the first time this year. We had 23 starters at Parker 425 with 18 finishers. Six of the new teams were there. We expect a bigger entry at Mint 400.

2011 BITD Transwest Ford Henderson 250 Race Results
Henderson, NV – (Dec 2-3, 2011)With the championship titles of the General Tire Jeepspeed® Challenge presented by ATX Series Wheels up for grabs, this race was make or break for some teams. Eric Helgeson took 1st place securing his 2nd consecutive class 1700 championship title in #1708 followed by #1730 Chris Wacker (2nd) & Billy Bunch taking 3rd in #1799. Billy Bunch also took 1st place in Class 3700 with the #3799 Wrangler & Bob Mamer finished 2nd securing the Class 3700 championship in #3704. (Final Point Standings…)

Jeepspeed Rocks On!
Orange, CA – (Aug 29, 2011) With Class winning speeds averaging 40 mph over brutal terrain, the continued success of the two Jeepspeed Classes is due to the unwavering commitment to the same basic class rules concept in order to contain costs and provide close racing. The first 3 rounds of the 2011 General Tire Jeepspeed races have been close, with only 5 points separating leaders Jeff Coan and Eric Helgeson in Jeepspeed Challenge Class 1700 and  just 16 points separating  three teams of Bruno Zvirin, Billy Bunch, and Chris Wacker currently fighting for third place. Tom Barnett and Bob Mamer are contesting first spot in Jeepspeed Cup Class 3700 separated by only 10 points. The Jeepspeed classes continue to consistently field big entries despite the difficult economy and we are excited about the new cars and teams that are joining us before years end.

2011 MORE Royal Purple 500 Race Results
Lucerne, CA – (May 21, 2011)With round 3 of the General Tire Jeepspeed® Challenge presented by ATX Series Wheels in the books, 16 Jeepspeed teams were out in full force to shake up the season points standings. Billy Bunch took his 1st win of the season in #1799 followed by #1730 Chris Wacker (2nd) & your points leader #1735 Jeff Coan taking 3rd. Bob Mamer took the Class 3700 win with a clean run in #3704 followed by #3769 Craig Stone (2nd) & #3701 Tom Barnett (3rd). Go to the Jeepspeed forum to see the team race reports as they come in.

2011 SNORE Mint 400 Race Results
Las Vegas, NV – (March 26, 2011) Round 2 of the General Tire Jeepspeed® Challenge presented by ATX Series Wheels was a brutal race of attrition also known as the Mint 400. With a total of 14 entries in Classes 1700/3700 only 7 finished the grueling race. With a 1st/3rd finish, Team Coan Racing dominated the field in their 1736 Wrangler (1st)and their 1735 Cherokee (3rd). Rounding out the top 3 was #1708 Eric Helgeson (2nd) with an impressive comeback. Class 3700 was once again dominated by #3701 Tom Barnett of T&J Performance.

2011 B.I.T.D. Parker 425 Race Results
Parker, AZ – (Feb 5, 2011) The General Tire Jeepspeed® Challenge presented by ATX Series Wheels kicked off the 2011 race season in full force with a total of 25 entries in Classes 1700/3700. Taking the win not only in class 1700, but also the overall 2 lap class win was rookie driver Jeff Coan in #1735. Rounding out the top 3 was #1708 Helgeson (2nd) & #1730 Wacker. Class 3700 was dominated by #3701 Tom Barnett followed by #3704 Mamer

$25,000 CASH and over $50,000 in products up for grabs with Jeepspeed®in 2011
Glendora, CA – (Jan 5, 2011) The General Tire Jeepspeed® Challenge presented by ATX Series Wheels announces exciting $25,000 Prize Money Bonus to Jeepspeed® Challenge and Jeepspeed®Cup Classes, plus over $50,000 free wheels and tires.Jeepspeed®is proud to announce this exciting offer in the most affordable class in off road racing today, which is now open to all models of Jeeps of all budgets.
(Read More...)

American Racing ATX Series announces presenting sponsor and spec wheel of the 2011 Jeepspeed Challenge
CERRITOS, CA – (Dec 6, 2010)American Racing ATX Series Wheels are proud to be presenting sponsor of the 2011 General Tire Jeepspeed Challenge. American Racing were the original sponsors of the Jeepspeed Challenge  and are returning to this successful grass roots desert racing championship with ATX Series as the spec wheel of choice.

General Tire announces title sponsorship and spec tire of the 2011 Jeepspeed Challenge
FORT MILL, SC – (October 9, 2010) – General Tire is proud to announce that it will be the title sponsor and spec tire of the 2011 General Tire Jeepspeed Challenge. Full details on this exciting sponsorship will be announced at the Off-Road Expo in Pomona, California, Oct. 9th at 2:00 pm in the General Tire booth.

Team #1708 secures the 2010 Jeepspeed Challenge Championship!
PARKER, AZ - (October 15-17, 2010) - Leading the points race through the entire season, Eric Helgeson and Jeepspeed Challenge team #1708 have shown that they have what it takes to take the season championship. Smart racing, a well prepped vehicle, and a desire to win all contributed to a winning recipe that will prove hard to beat in 2011.

Jon Krellwitz & Team ATK secure the Jeepspeed Cup Championship once again!
PARKER, AZ - (October 15-17, 2010) - Leading the points race through the entire season, Jeepspeed Cup team #3797 have once again taken the Cup championship for the 2nd time.

The Dust Junkies sweep the 2010 B.I.T.D. Bluewater Challenge!
PARKER, AZ - (October 15-17, 2010) - A major contender through the entire season, Jeepspeed Challenge team #1706 finishes off the 2010 season in force! Winning both days of the event brings the Dust Junkies into a strong 2nd place finish in the season points race and have proved that they are a team to watch out for in 2011.