Racing with Jeepspeed is easy! 

Step 1:

Choose a class: Class 1700 is our production class and Class 3700 is our open class. Class 3750 is a transition class from 1700 to 3700.
Go through the rules and decide which class your Jeepspeed falls into.

CLASS 1700 
CLASS 3750
  CLASS 3700
*Rules updated as of 10/14/2014
  If any changes/updates to the current rules are made
the changes will be posted here along with the date of the change.

Step 2:

Apply for your membership and race #

Step 3:

Pay for your membership/race #
Cost is $150/Year for a new race # & $100/Year for renewal

Step 4:

Fill out & return the waiver forms to JeepspeedOps@Gmail.com

Step 5:

Order your number plates and sticker pack from Tim@Signpros.com
(714) 672-0073
Jeepspeed Mandated Sticker Guide

Step 6:

Step 7:

Check the race dates and add them to your schedule!

Step 8:

Register with Best in the Desert (BITD) for the races. There is a yearly membership fee and each race is registered for separately. 
See site for more info once race dates approach.