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  • Jeepspeed Racers Outrun The Flames At Crazy BITD Silver State 300
    Monday, 13 July 2020

    Alamo, NV

    The Silver State 300 race course is filled with many challenges that Jeepspeed racers need to overcome. That’s typically not too much of an issue as they have to deal with uncertainty at every race in the General Tire Jeepspeed racing series presented by KMC wheels.  There are miles of narrow trails on steep, tree-lined hillsides at the Silver State, fast, wide open fire roads, and plenty of deep silt beds that can swallow a vehicle whole. At this year’s event, there was also a raging wildfire that caused the Best In The Desert officials to make course changes on the fly. Not only did they change the start, but they had to stop the racers before the finish as the flames kept approaching. The fire affected getting support trucks i

  • Jeepspeed Racers Make A Big Splash At Laughlin Desert Classic
    Sunday, 01 March 2020

    Laughlin, NV

    Jeepspeed racers got wet and wild when torrential rains hit the Best In The Desert series Laughlin Desert Classic (LDC) in Laughlin, Nevada. The LDC is always a challenge because it’s run as an extended short course. It has an infield section, but also ventures out into the desert landscape for several miles of whoops, ruts, and rocks. The challenge comes from running several laps in desert terrain at a short course pace. There is no time for strategy, just unbridled speed. The one saving grace is that the heats are run over 2 days. If you have a bad day on Saturday, you can make changes, and redeem yourself on Sunday.

    This year they ran the course backwards which meant they would be hitting the squared off, harsh side of all t

  • Jeepspeed Racers Get Back To Business At Parker 425 Season Opener
    Sunday, 26 January 2020

    Parker, AZ

    With the Holiday’s behind them, Jeepspeed racers began the 2020 season by giving nothing to their rivals at the Best in the Desert series season opener in Parker, Arizona. It’s a new decade, and the Jeepspeed series reflected it with new trucks and new faces in the ranks. Some with fresh paint, and new parts did well. Others fell prey to the common foe; the parker 425 race course. Not only is it a long race at 425 miles, but the terrain includes just about every kind of obstacle that can break a race truck. It’s hard enough on lap one, but once the entire field has been through, the second and third laps get even worse. With average speeds continuing to climb, it makes for an incredible challenge, and great racing.

    Because of t

Jeepspeed Races for 2020

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: How long has Jeepspeed been a racing class?

Jeepspeed has been the fastest growing and most competitive off-road race class since 2001. Started by Clive Skilton and the Barnett brothers, Jeepspeed offers racing, rallying and adventures to the weekend offroader who has racing on their bucket list.

Q: How much does it cost to get started racing?

Jeepspeed is the most affordable class is off-road racing.

Our rules allow each competitor the option of constructing their own race vehicle, thus keeping fabrications costs to a minimum.

A Jeepspeed builders kit can be purchased  for as little as $10,000.00.  Contact Jeepspeed for kit breakdown: tires, wheels, cage, suspension etc.

Others may want to fully fabricate the cage and bumpers on their own. You can purchase the suspension, shocks etc. from our approved vendors list.

A competitive Jeepspeed XJ race car can be built for under $30,0000.00

Average per race expenses:

Entry fee    $800.00
IRC              $250.00
Fuel             $500.00
Lodging      $200.00
Food            $200.00


Q: What are the major differences between the classes?

Class 1700 Jeepspeed Challenge: Stock wheel base +/- 2". 6 cylinder motors max 250 c.i. . 33" maximum tire size. 10" of front wheel travel and 12" of rear wheel travel. 1 shock per wheel. Limited travel and power that leaves the racing up to the driver.

Class 2700 Jeepspeed Cup: Limited modifications. Stock WB with stock frame. 119" WB modified frame. 35" tire. 12" front travel . 14" rear travel. Two shocks per wheel. Production based Jeep and Dodges -   Stroker 6 cyl. Any Jeep/Mopar V8 engine up to 6 ltr. Super chargers and Turbos allowed on 6 cylinder motors only.

Class 3700 Jeepspeed Outlaws: Open class! Any make production based engine. 37" maximum tire size. 15" of front wheel travel and 24" rear wheel travel. Shock size and number of shocks are open. Modified open class. Stock WB with factory frame. 119" WB with modified or tube frame.

Class 4700 Jeepspeed Trophy: New for 2019: Any recognizable Jeep or Dodge bodied vehicles. Open chassis. 123" max WB. 37" tires. Open engines. 18" front travel, open rear travel.

Check out the RULES for each class for more information

Q: Are there people who can build a racing car for me?

Jeepspeed has had years of success allowing each competitor the opportunity to fabricate on their own race vehicle. However if you need help constructing or repairing your race vehicle, contact us at Jeepspeed and we will set you up with one of our preferred Jeepspeed builders in your area.

Q: How many races do I have to attend?

Prior to each season the number of races for the championship are decided upon. The schedule is based on feedback from the racers as well as our sposors with the focus always on producing a competitive well attended race for each event of the season.

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