After attending the 2000 Dakar Rally, Clive returned with the concept of an affordable off road race & rally type class here in the United States. With Dakar suspension wheel travel limits but using American built Jeep vehicles, Jeepspeed was born.
The 1st race took place in 2001 and attracted well known off road personalities such as the Currie family, Ryan Wallace of Rubicon Express, Skyjacker Suspensions, and the Barnett Brothers of T&J Performance. Together with numerous Jeep enthusiasts, we could finally go desert racing with our Jeeps!
The Jeepspeed class was an immediate success. By 2003, Jeepspeed had issued 50 race team numbers and regularly had 20 Jeeps entered at each event. In 2008, there was an impressive turnout of 35 Jeepspeed teams racing in the Best in the Desert Parker 425!

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Jeepspeed was created to offer Jeep enthusiasts affordable racing, rallying and adventure. You can have fun racing durable, affordable Jeeps and you don't have to spend a million bucks.

For 15 years Jeepspeed has delivered the best entry level racing on dirt. Jeepspeed rules are carefully written to create fierce competition while keeping race costs to a minimum.  We made class modifications in 2015 and introduced a new race series to attract new drivers and more recent models.

Jeepspeed is not a spec class (you don't have to buy a vehicle built by a company for that class). You build your own Jeep race truck that fits your budget and skill level. Any model Jeep may be used as long as it fits into the few simple rules. 

With an average of 20 to 30 similar race trucks on the starting line, the competition is fierce. Several top pros have launched their careers racing in the Jeepspeed series.

At Jeepspeed, our mission is to bring off-road racing to anyone who wants to experience the thrill of the race! We can help you get started, or take your racing to the next level. Contact us today.

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