Vegas to Reno

Vegas to reno Mark Kammerlohr

AUGUST 16-20, 2023

This 500 plus mile race is the Longest Off Road Race in the United States – AKA The US Baja 1000!

The start line will be approximately 100 miles north in the town of Beatty, Nevada.

This race will test man and machine as we race north up Hwy 95 toward Reno. Dry lake beds, forest roads, silt beds and graded roads will be your companions as you race thru small mining towns and historic landmarks in Northern Nevada.

Jeepspeed vehicles will be one of the last classes to leave the start line so the course will be chewed up. Plan on having your chase crew equipped with plenty of spares. This race can be chased with 2 chase crews but 3 crews that leap frog up the course are a better option.

Air filters, cooling system and tire/wheel combo are the most common issues experienced at this mammoth race.


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Vegas to Reno Map

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